Injured in a Fall? Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Centralia, IL

Saturday shopping for clothes and accessories can be an enjoyable way for a mother to bond with her daughters. However, if she trips on a shop’s torn carpet and falls it can ruin much more than just that one shopping trip. Falls can result in serious head or back injuries. In just a second, a woman can go from being a healthy and vivacious person to one struggling to walk or feed herself.

A person shopping in a store has a right to expect a safe environment. If the shopkeeper knew about the tear in the carpet, he is negligent and can be sued for damages. In fact, the shop owner’s insurance company may send an adjuster to the hospital to speak to the injured woman and offer her a financial settlement. She should hire a personal injury attorney in Centralia, IL to review the settlement offer before she agrees to it.

Insurance companies work for their share holders. They charge high fees for insurance policies and then pay out as little as possible in claims. Injured people often find out that what sounds like a large sum of money won’t even pay the full cost of medical treatment. A lawyer who has worked on many personal injury lawsuits will know what a reasonable settlement is.

Injured people who are facing large medical bills and living expenses often think that they can’t afford an attorney to represent them. Lawyers understand this. They will meet with a person at no charge to determine if they have a personal injury lawsuit. If the lawyer determines that negligence was involved in the injury, they represent the injured person on a contingency basis. They only get paid if they win a monetary settlement for their client. Then they take a percentage. That guarantees that the lawyer will mount a vigorous case for the person.

The law firm pays the costs for all of the expert witnesses that are necessary to convince a jury of the extent of the injury. The lawyers review all of the evidence to convince a jury that the shop owner knew about the torn carpet. Sometimes insurance companies see the evidence the law firm has amassed and they settle without going to trial.

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