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Traumatic brain injury is caused as a result of a sudden blow, bump or jolt by an external force on the head. The number of traumatic brain injury San Francisco incidences is high though many people do not know much about the condition. According to research, there is an average of thirty thousand new cases of traumatic brain injury San Francisco occurrences every year. With this in mind there is needed to find out more about this condition. One needs to know the symptoms and the different treatments that are available as well as healthcare institutions that provide the best care for patients.

Types of traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are classified according to their severity. The most common checkup the doctor will do to determine the severity of the brain injury is a level of consciousness and the eye response stimuli of the patient. These categories include:


This type of brain injury usually is not very serious and may not require any medical attention. It is normally treated with rest together with relevant over the counter medication. Even though the condition is not serious, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the affected person, especially if it is a child. To be on the safe side, a doctor should be notified if the condition worsens.


This condition may be manifested by a patient not having physical responses, although he or she is conscious. One may also have trouble with speech. In cases like this, immediate emergency care should be the priority. Doctors who specialize in traumatic brain injury San Francisco cases will ensure the patient has enough air supply and the necessary procedures to avoid any further injury.


It is the worst type of traumatic brain injury. Severe brain injury is mainly caused by serious accidents such as car collisions, falls and also explosions. The patient should receive emergency care immediately. The patients normally have various injuries and properly trained traumatic brain injury San Francisco medical personnel will know how to go about treating other injuries without making the brain injury worse.

Brain’s injury can also be classified depending on the mode one obtained the injury.

This is whether it was a piercing injury or a closed injury. Penetrating injury will have evidence of a wound or scar caused by the sharp object. On the other hand, closed injury may not leave a scar just a lump.


Symptoms will vary depending on severity, but this is the most common.

. Persistence headache

. Confusion

. Ringing in the ear

. Dizziness

. Loss of consciousness

. Slowness in response

. Increased sensitivity to light and sound

How to find a hospital for traumatic brain injury San Francisco

A healthcare institution for patients who have had traumatic brain injury is not only for emergency or checkups, but also for recovery. It is therefore, important to find one that does this best. Doing an online search on the different institution that specializes on traumatic brain injury San Francisco emergencies will help you compare the services offered and at what price.
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