Is a Lawyer Needed to Settle Child Custody in Dayton OH?

During a divorce, one of the big questions for many people is whether an attorney is needed to settle Child Custody in Dayton OH. While there are a few rare cases in which legal help isn’t needed, the vast majority of child custody agreements must be negotiated with the help of a skilled attorney. Child custody is frequently one of the most contentious topics in a divorce, and in some cases it is even more hotly contested than property division. There are several reasons for this, but child support payments are one of the biggest reasons. Another reason is that one parent will generally have considerably more time with their child than the other parent will. Custody arrangements in which custody is split down the middle are fairly rare today.

The parent who is awarded primary physical custody will have not only the bulk of a child’s time, but also will receive child support from the other parent in most cases. The child support is needed to pay for things like school costs, housing, food, and medical care. It is not at all uncommon for parents to disagree over what a proper amount of child support will be. In such cases, the court will have to make that decision unless the parents work with attorneys who can negotiate. With the help of a highly skilled negotiator like an attorney, it is entirely possible that a child custody agreement can be forged without the need to go before a judge.

When a Child Custody in Dayton OH case goes before a judge, it becomes more complicated for several reasons. Any court battle is expensive, so making it to court is never the goal in hiring an attorney. With an excellent lawyer and a bit of luck, the custody and the financial arrangements can be resolved between the two people who are divorcing. When visiting a child custody lawyer, be sure to bring along copies of any legal actions that have already been taken in the case. If there has been any police involvement in enforcing custody in the past, be sure to inform the attorney. This information will help the lawyer to get the custody that you deserve.

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