Finding An Amicable Solution With a Divorce Mediation Law Attorney in Commack, NY

New York divorce cases may require a mediation process. Couples go through this process when they cannot agree on vital portions of the divorce agreement. This opportunity reduces the potential for a hostile dispute and helps them find an amicable solution for their issues. A divorce mediation law attorney in Commack, NY helps his or her clients prepare for this process.

What Exactly Is Mediation?

Mediation is a meeting between the couple and a mediator. Their respective attorneys are also welcome to attend this meeting to help negotiate the terms. The couple discusses each term of the divorce agreement and negotiates to arrive at a compromise. The terms may include marital property division, child custody and support, and income taxes. Individual retirement plans and insurance could also become an issue.

What Concepts Are Covered During Mediation?

Common concepts covered during mediation could include what party acquires the marital home, the scheduling of parenting time, and prenuptial agreements. Once the couple agrees to the terms of the agreement, the papers are generated. Each party signs them and a judge signs the final decree after the designated waiting period.

How Long Does Mediation Last?

Mediation could last for several hours or days. The size of the marital estate, number of children and ability to reach an agreement determine the duration. Parties that aren’t willing to compromise or continue to become hostile could create unwanted delays in the process.

When Mediation Doesn’t Work

Mediation attempts that fail could lead to a divorce trial. The attorneys may make one last attempt to negotiate these terms privately. However, if all attempts fail, the court schedules the divorce trial. During a trial, the judge and a jury make determinations about the terms.

New York divorce cases could progress to the mediation process. The process involves a neutral opportunity for the couple to discuss their differences and make clear choices. It is the last attempt to make these determinations without the assistance of the judge. Petitioners who need assistance with these measures should contact a divorce mediation law attorney in Commack, NY or visit the law office of Ronald S. Zimmer today.

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