Looking For Jail Bonds in Dekalb County?

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Attorney

Most people who get arrested qualify for a bond; however, those charged with more serious crimes may have to stay in jail longer. Generally, jails have a bail schedule set by judges in the jurisdiction and serious felonies do not have pre-set bails. The best thing for the detainee is to find a friend or family member to assist with the bail process, and they must go to the bonding company and pay the applicable fees. On the other hand, some people get out jail free.

Sometimes, the judge gives inmates an O.R. or own recognizance bond. The inmate signs a piece of paper and does not have to post money. There are many reasons a judge gives an O.R. bond including:

1. the inmate has significant ties to the community
2. the inmate has a job they may lose if they stay in jail
3. the inmate has a fairly clean background

Judges believe that people with ties in the community are less likely to skip bail. If an inmate needs to arrange a jail bond, look for a company with a good reputation because people feel better dealing with a company that is respected in the community. Further, they will be able to make the process of jail bonds in Dekalb County go smoother. Look for a company with more than years of experience. If one has to pay bail, it is usually a percentage of the full bail amount, which is often ten to fifteen percent. Most people would prefer to pay ten percent rather than come up with the full amount in cash.

Individuals should realize they will not get any money back when the case is over. Companies that handle jail bonds in Dekalb County help customers arrange a property bond, and property can be used to pay the bond if it has equity to cover the full bail amount. However, the property could be lost if the accused does not show up for trial. One of the unique things about this country is that people are usually entitled to bail; further, the law mandates that bail not be excessive, which means that nearly everyone has a fair shot of getting out on bail. Visit us website for jail bond service in Dekalb County, GA.

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