Misdiagnosed Heart Attack? Contact the Brian D. Nettles Law Offices

When a sick person goes to the emergency room, they can easily be overwhelmed by the array of medical equipment and the fast pace. It’s very hard for a very sick patient to understand what is happening to them. They have to trust that the medical professionals handling their case know their job and treat them according to the proper standards. If a person goes to an emergency room complaining of chest pains and receives a heartburn diagnosis, they may be very glad to hear that they are not having a heart attack. However, if they are sent home and then do have a cardiac event, the doctor treating them may have been guilty of medical malpractice.

An attorney from the Brian D. Nettles Law Offices can review the facts and determine if the patient can make a case for medical malpractice. Lawyers who work in this field are familiar with diagnoses and the generally accepted methods to diagnose and treat them. They also work with medical experts who can delve into the details. These experts may question the type of tests the doctor ran before sending the patient home. The can also evaluate the additional injuries sustained because the patient was sent home. These can include brain damage because of a lack of oxygen and head trauma because the patient fell at home during the cardiac event.

The patient and his family may not believe that they can afford to hire the Brian D. Nettles Law Offices to represent them. The law allows them to take these cases on a contingency basis. That means that the patient pays no money out of their own pocket. The law firm pays for all of the expert witnesses and the time it takes to interview the medical team and negotiate with the insurance company. If the lawyer wins a financial settlement for the patient, they are paid a percentage from the settlement. The first meeting is free. If the patient is too sick to travel to the law office, an attorney will meet with them at home or even in the hospital. This process guarantees that every patient can afford to hire an attorney.



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