Quality Representation with Dram Shop Attorneys in Pittsburgh

There are times when a night out of fun with friends can turn into a disaster. When people get out on the road with too much alcohol in their system, this can severely impact the safety of other drivers. If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, part of the responsibility can often be put on the person or business that contributed to their state of drunkenness.

Act Fast

When an accident happens that may require Dram shop attorneys in Pittsburgh, it is important to act fast. It is hard to think clearly in the moment when people are hurt. However, you need to find the server involved. Once the person is off to the hospital, start trying to figure out where the driver came from. There may be several local bars or restaurants nearby that serve alcohol. The police may also look into the vehicle to see if there is any evidence of what the person was drinking. Dram shop attorneys need these police reports, so be sure to ask the officer to be thorough.

Locating the Source

It is not enough to find the place of business that served the drinks. Dram shop attorneys need evidence of purchase and the exact person that was waiting on the perpetrator. It is important to find the right person, as there are some difficult days in court that may follow. You want to make sure to not involve an innocent person.. However, the expert attorney knows how to find the right information. Do not try to handle it on your own. The Law Offices of John W. Brown are experienced in these matters.

When dram shop laws are enforced, servers can be found at fault. Most servers take these responsibilities seriously; however, some make mistakes when judging intoxication. The degree of punishment depends on the situation. Those that are injured should be given full compensation.

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