Reasons to Consult a Living-Will Attorney

It is important for all elderly people to make sure they have certain legal documents taken care of as they get older, since it can be a great benefit to their survivors when they die. It is also important for people to consider other matters that may occur with age as well, such as what type of medical measures they want healthcare professionals to use if they become seriously ill. Since the likelihood of this happening increases as a person ages, it is essential to consult with a living-will attorney about documenting these types of preferences.

Having a living will or advance directive can be a great help for both the family and healthcare professionals of a seriously ill person, since it will detail what the person wishes if they are unable to make their own medical decisions. This can include decisions regarding resuscitation or care to decrease pain and suffering, and by detailing this information, the medical staff will know what measures they can and cannot take.

This can be a great benefit to the family of the patient: if there is no living will in place, these types of decisions will often be left to the family, many times leading to bitter disagreements and sometimes even lawsuits or other legal issues because not everyone has the same view on these matters. Without knowing what the patient would want, deciding who has the right to determine a family member’s fate can be difficult.

When people are planning such a document, they should contact a living-will attorney. While there are many forms and software packages that are designed to help people create their own living wills, it can be difficult to ensure it is being handled correctly. If a will is not set up according to local laws, it will become invalid; however, a good way to avoid this type of issue is by having a professional handle the task.

Anyone who is planning to set up a living will should consult with an attorney to help with the matter. For more information, please contact Mark Aberasturi.

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