Reasons to Hire Domestic Violence Attorneys in Lebanon County

One of the most frightening things about being a domestic violence victim is feeling as if there’s nowhere to turn. It can be difficult to take action against an abuser unless one has a support system in place. As far as legal issues are concerned, it is important for victims to consider hiring domestic violence attorneys in Lebanon County for the reasons listed below.

Maintaining Custody Through a Divorce

If one is married or has children with an abusive spouse, they may want to retain child custody when they leave. Family attorneys focus on issues of child support, domestic violence and divorce, and decisions can happen quickly. However, a lawyer can show a client how to get the assets, rights and support they need to recover.

Securing Protective Orders

There are different types of protection orders, which are issued if a spouse is found guilty of assault, battery, kidnapping, stalking or false imprisonment. An emergency order can be obtained if a judge believes the victim is in immediate danger. Attorneys can expedite the process and document the necessity of the order.

Testifying Against an Abuser

Regardless of where in the recovery process a victim may be, they may need to learn how to properly represent themselves to court and law enforcement personnel. Depending on the situation, a victim may have reported past incidents. Obtaining a restraining order or a divorce means many more interactions with legal entities, and domestic violence attorneys in Lebanon County can help clients figure out what to say to the abuser, police and courtroom staff.

Filing a Suit

Once a victim has filed for a restraining order or a divorce, they still have to deal with the physical and emotional trauma. It’s possible to sue an abuser for financial damages, and a victim can win an award for lost income, medical expenses, emotional distress and therapy costs.

It is a shameful fact, but it’s how the legal system operates: an abusive defendant has the right to free legal counsel, where the victim does not. If a victim takes the stand against their abuser, they also make a stand against the attorney. Hiring an experienced domestic violence lawyer with the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery can level the playing field and increase a client’s chances of getting a fair recovery.

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