Responsibilities of a Personal Injury Attorney in Jonesboro

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You’re on the way to work waiting at a stoplight. Suddenly, a large truck hits you from behind. You whack your head on the dashboard and need to go to the emergency room. You need a personal injury attorney in Jonesboro. A personal injury attorney represents you when you are physically or psychologically injured due to the actions of a third-party. What exactly are the responsibilities of a personal injury attorney? Read on to find out.

Areas of Practice

You may be wondering why you need a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys specialize in Tort law. Tort law includes injuries. The injuries can be related to your right, reputation and/or property. It also stands regardless of whether economic damages occured. Tort law also includes civil actions. The education of a personal injury attorney in Jonesboro includes general law. However, they usually only handle cases related to personal injuries or Tort law.

You need a personal injury attorney in Jonesboro if you have injuries related to a:

  • Car accident

  • Work related injury

  • Medical error

  • Defective product

  • Fall


A personal injury attorney in Jonesboro has a great deal of responsibilities. Their responsibilities include both ethical rules and professional codes of conduct set forth by the state bar association. Once they are licensed, they can file legal complaints and present cases in a court of law. They are also responsible for drafting your legal documents and giving you advice.

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