Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Springfield MA: Handling Sexual Harassment Cases in Learning Intitutions

Sexual harassment cases are on the increase especially in learning institutions. The harassment can be between students or between student and staff members. It can either be physical or verbal. Whatever the case, if a student reports any form of sexual harassment, it should be taken seriously. Sexual harassment affects the students psychologically and it is hard to concentrate on studies. If there are sexual harassment cases reported in a learning institution, Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Springfield MA advise that the following be ensured by the administrators.

Empower Teachers

The administration would find it hard to achieve negative sexual harassment cases without the help of the teachers. The teachers should therefore be let known that they should be stern and strict towards sexual harassment cases. The teachers should let the children know that strict measures will be taken against any offender.


Advice the Children

Most sexual harassment cases in schools are between the students. They should therefore be talked to and told the importance of avoiding sexual harassment. Let them know the difference between safe and unpleasant jokes. They should also be informed that measures as per school rules will be taken against sexual harassment offenders.

Involve the Parents

Most parents would like to be informed when their children are involved in serious offences which include sexual harassments. Both the parents of the victim and offender should be informed of what went on. The parent will know how to handle each of their children to avoid a repeat of the same.

Teach students how to handle harassment cases

Sexual harassment might be going on without the teachers or administrations knowledge. This happens when the victims are too afraid to speak up. The schools administration should therefore teach all the children how to handle sexual harassment cases. They should for instance be told to say a firm no whenever they feel they are being harassed. They should also let know the harasser that they do not like what he is doing. If the harassment does not stop, encourage the students to come forth and report to the administration.


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