Hiring A Guardianship Attorney In Silverdale, WA For An Estate Guardianship

As a legal mechanism in Washington, guardianship is established for an estate when the owner is unable to take care of him or herself and requires someone to make fast decisions on their behalf. This appointment allows the identified individual to manage the finances for the owner and determine how the estate is used. If you wish to acquire this appointment, you should contact a guardianship attorney in Silverdale WA today.

What is a Guardian of an Estate?

The guardian of an estate is appointed by a probate judge. He or she manages the financial affairs of another individual who is referred to by the court as a ward. The court must determine that the ward is incompetent to manage their own finances to allow this assignment. He or she will receive a letter of guardianship that outlines the stipulations of this appointment.

This guardian is required by law to report all property and monetary assets owned by the ward within a sixty-day period. He or she is required to file an application to become their representative payee if the ward receives government benefits. They are also required to gain permission through the court to file tax returns for the ward before the April 15th deadline. A Guardianship Attorney assists with these tasks.

It is also within their power to utilize the ward’s finances to support individuals in which the ward is legally obligated to provide support. They can settle their debts, apply for government benefits for the ward, and pay off any debts in which legal action was taken against the ward.


1. He or she will not make any decisions about the health or personal care received by the ward. This appointment doesn’t give the guardian authority over the ward.2. The guardian is prohibited to use the ward’s money or properties for anything personal. This includes acquiring a loan from the ward for anything that could directly benefit the guardian.3. He or she is prohibited from giving the ward’s property or money as gifts to anyone who is not legally connected to the ward or an heir.

By becoming the guardian of an estate, your sole purpose is to protect the interests of the ward’s finances. This requires you to prevent unethical individuals from gaining access to these properties and funds. If you wish to apply for this appointment, you should contact a guardianship attorney in Silverdale WA area today.





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