Signs That It May Be Time to Contact an SSD Lawyer in Chesapeake

If you’re having trouble getting your disability benefits, it may be time to contact an SSD lawyer in Chesapeake. Here are four signs that indicate you could benefit from professional legal assistance:

1. Your claim has been denied. The first step in the SSD claims process is to submit an application to the Social Security Administration (SSA). If your application is denied, you have the right to file an appeal. However, the appeals process can be complicated and time-consuming. An experienced SSD lawyer can help you navigate the appeals process and give you the best chance of getting your benefits.

2. The Appeals Council has denied your appeal. The next step in the appeals process is to file a request for review with the Social Security Appeals Council. If your request is denied, you can file a lawsuit in federal court. Again, this can be a complicated process, and it’s important to have an experienced SSD lawyer on your side.

3. You’ve been waiting for a decision on your claim for more than six months. The SSD claims process can be slow, but if you’ve been waiting for a decision on your claim for an abnormal amount of time, it may be time to contact an SSD lawyer.

5. You’re uncertain whether you qualify for benefits. The Social Security Administration has strict eligibility requirements for SSD benefits. If you’re not sure whether you meet the requirements, an SSD lawyer can help you determine if you should apply.

If any of these apply to you, reach out to a qualified SSD lawyer in Chesapeake for help. The team at Bowman Disability Law can help you get the benefits you need and deserve.

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