Suffering From Injuries From a Trucking Accident Means a Call Needs to Be Placed To a Truck Accident Attorney in Nashville TN

Tractor-trailers and large trucks travel most of the highways. Sharing the road with these large trucks can be intimidating. Being involved in an accident with one can be catastrophic and even fatal to the occupants in the car. When serious injuries or death have occurred, it’s important to contact a truck accident attorney in Nashville TN as soon as possible. If you are the injured party, it’s important to write down as much information as possible. If a family member can obtain the information, they can also write it down. It’s important that as many details as possible are documented.

Serious injuries like broken bones, head trauma, paralysis, internal injuries, and loss of a limb or even death can occur due to the sheer weight of the tractor-trailer. Excessive speed can cause a driver to lose control of their truck. Many of the tractor-trailers contain a piece of equipment that is called a black box. It is similar to a plane’s black box and it records, the speed, breaking and many other components of the truck. It’s important for this black box to be preserved as evidence. Improper load of a truck can cause the load to shift, and the driver can lose control quickly. A truck accident attorney in Nashville, TN can investigate these possible causes and protect the legal rights of the victim.

Driver fatigue is a common cause of accidents. Truck drivers are regulated by federal laws but they do not always follow them. They are required to only be on duty a certain number of hours each day and driving a total number of hours each day. When their hours are reached for a day or a week, they must reset their hours by resting. Truck drivers who are running behind or are pushing to make as much money as possible with a load will drive beyond the hours permitted.

When serious injuries occur due to the negligence of a driver or faulty equipment, contact Michael D. Ponce & Associates for a comprehensive evaluation of the case. They will fight the victim’s rights.

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