Suing Your Lawyer For Malpractice Is Not Easy

People can go through life never needing a lawyer and then all of a sudden a situation arises where you need the expertise of a lawyer. When this happens it usually is indicative of a problem somewhere; it could be at work or within the family but one thing is for certain, the situation is too complex for you to handle on your own and you hire a lawyer to help. What recourse do you have if the lawyer makes things worse instead of better? If the lawyer you hired has failed to represent you properly, you can hire legal malpractice lawyers in Houston and sue your attorney.

Suing an attorney is not easy:

If you believe your attorney made serious errors in representing your case you have recourse, it is not easy but, you can sue the attorney for malpractice. Malpractice in a legal sense means the attorney failed to use skills that one would expect any other lawyer would have and use when dealing with a similar case under similar circumstances. Don’t think for a moment that your attorney is guilty of malpractice because he lost your case. For your legal malpractice lawyers in Houston to win a case against the erring attorney there are four things that must be proven beyond doubt; duty, breach, causation and damages.

   *   Duty: the attorney owed you a duty to pursue your case properly

   *   Breach: the attorney did not perform his or her duty, was negligent, made an error or failed to do what was agreed upon.

   *   Causation: The malpractice caused you financial harm, and

   *   Damages: you suffered financial loss

In purely practical terms, for you to be successful in winning a legal malpractice case you and your malpractice lawyers in Houston must show the court how the attorney made errors that jeopardized your case, then you must show how you would have been successful had you employed a different attorney and finally, show how you would have been able to collect damages from the original defendant.

If you feel that your attorney failed you and he or she did so due to legal malpractice, you can sue for compensation but to do so you will need the skills of seasoned legal malpractice lawyers in Houston. You are invited to discuss your case with the Kassab Law Firm Visit us at

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