The Best Reasons for Hiring a Social Security Lawyer

In an ideal world, people work to a certain age before collecting Social Security benefits — full benefits that are based on their life’s work. But unforeseen things happen in life — like illnesses and injuries — which can prevent people from being able to perform their jobs. That’s when they need to apply for disability insurance. If this is a scenario that describes you, here are some key reasons to consider hiring a Social Security lawyer to assist you.

A Social Security law firm near Libertyville will have experienced attorneys who have worked on many disability cases. The one who’s chosen to represent you will also be familiar with the process and even know certain judges’ personalities. All of these dynamics can enhance your chances of winning disability benefits.

Once you choose a Social Security lawyer, he will work with you through the entire two- or three-year process, which is the average length of time for disability decisions to be rendered. He will also ensure that you fill all your paperwork out accurately, and get it to the right Social Security Administration representative.

Ease Your Mind
Waiting for a decision on your disability case can be a harrowing experience. You probably need the money but have to endure so much to get it. Your Social Security law firm in Libertyville can help reduce your stress by telling you about other cases he’s won — many of which may be similar to your case.

Recommend Further Testing
A Social Security lawyer has the savvy to recognize weaknesses in disability cases. And if he thinks you need further documents to support your claim, he’ll recommend them. This is to ensure you have the latest medical information on file.

Represent You In Court
For starters, you have a better chance of winning your case at the hearing level with your Social Security lawyer present. It’s wise to choose a firm that Libertyville residents trust and recommend highly. He can answer questions for the judge and better argue your case. He can also combat any suggestions the vocational expert makes about jobs you could possibly perform.

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