The Need for Child Support

Marriage is one of the stages that mark a great part in your life. This unfortunately might not work out as expected hence leading to separation or divorce. In such scenarios, both you and your ex-partner have to decide who is responsible for the children you may be having from the marriage. But since this is not always a fruitful discussion, you are forced to involve legal experts. These are none other than child custodian lawyers. They will help determine which parent to end up with which child after considering some basic factors.

After it is decided, their services do not end there. They have to see to it that the parent without sole custody of the kids obliges to payment of child support. This is typically the ongoing obligation by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent, guardian or caregiver for the maintenance of the children of a dissolved relationship or marriage. Child support is more often than not given in monetary form to cater or the basic needs of that/those child (ren). Mostly, this sum of cash will be issued to the concerned party until the dependant(s) attain majority age which is mostly 18 years but if they proceed to college, then one is expected to pay these funds till the dependant(s) attain the age of 21 years.

Child Support Vincennes Indiana attorneys will see to it that this fund is issued on a timely basis as requested by the court. One thing you should note is that this fund should not be viewed as income by the parent receiving it neither should it be viewed as a tax allowance by the one issuing it. These experts will consider some factors such as:

a) Income of the non-custodial parent- the more they earn the more they are expected to give.

b) Special or extra health conditions of the dependant- if they have a medical condition that needs special attention then the more the child support they get, when calculating the amount that the custodial parent is to receive.

For all custodian cases that you might have, consult with the experts.


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