No One in New City Wants Traffic Violations, True or False?

It’s absolutely true that when you’re trying to eat a burrito, answer your cell phone and adjust the air conditioning in your vehicle, you’re gunning for a traffic violation. Sometimes your foot gets heavy on that gas pedal, or you don’t see the yield sign, it’s sometimes just a fact of life that we’re not always perfect. If you get pulled over in New City, here are some things you can do to make things easier on yourself down the road.

Remember that New City officers are people too, and they’ve had to deal with many types of people and situations, some of them dangerous. You know you aren’t a threat, but try standing in the officer’s shoes for a moment. When you see lights and sirens, put on your hazards to show that you’ve noticed, and find a safe spot to slowly and evenly pull your automobile over to the side of the road.

Don’t get out of the car, and turn on your overhead light if it’s night time. Turn off the engine, and keep your hands on the wheel. Don’t make the mistake of trying to locate your license and registration before the officer advances to your car! Remember: officers have seen it all, you could be searching for a weapon, or trying to hide something. They want to pull you over for a traffic violation, but they’re ready for anything.

Matter of fact, try to keep your glove compartment organized so that while the officer waits, you’re not sifting through a bunch of old napkins, sunglass cases and ancient maps and receipts. When asked for your documents, move slowly and deliberately, no sudden movements.

If you already know that you’re going to fight this traffic violation, be polite and courteous, but keep conversation to a minimum, and don’t say anything that could indicate you might be guilty. Most officers will try to get a confession for a traffic violation by asking something like “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Keep your answer short and closed, a simple “No” of “I don’t know” is just fine. It’s sort of up to you though, sometimes all an officer needs is an “I’m so sorry, officer, I wasn’t paying attention” and you can get off with just a warning. Always sign the citation presented by the officer, it’s not an admission of guilt.

Reuven J. Epstein is the only firm you need to call when faced with traffic violations. The office in New City has been there a number of years, which means they know the area, the community and they’re close to you, so it’s easy to meet and work together.

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