The Top Criminal Defense Attorney In New York City

When you are looking for an attorney to represent you in legal proceedings which are being brought against you, you want to find the top criminal defense attorney in New York City that can help you obtain a positive outcome for your case. With so many different attorneys available in New York City it can be a difficult task to decide which one is right for you. Each person needs to find the attorney who is best able to represent their case in order to avoid potential punishment which they don’t deserve, or that which could be avoided by an experienced lawyer.

James Medows is one of the top criminal defense attorney’s in New York City for many different cases which have been brought against his clients. His years of experience and knowledge of the law have allowed him to represent clients in cases ranging from harassment to drug related charges and help them come through the trial with either no punishment at all or a drastically reduced punishment. This has helped his clients get through this difficult time in their lives and get back to living the way that they want to much more quickly that they would have otherwise.

If you are trying to decide whether or not James Medows is the top Criminal Defense Attorney In New York City for you it is important to consider his qualifications. He graduated from New York University and then went on to complete his law degree at Howard University School of Law. This gave him the foundational knowledge that he has built on ever since to represent his clients well in both trials and settlement proceedings. He has since spent time representing clients in a wide variety of cases providing the experience necessary to consider him on of the best criminal defense attorneys in New York City. The other aspect of the practice which sets him apart is the manner in which clients are treated. They aren’t simply processed like any other client would be. It is important for clients to feel like they are part of the family and every single case is taken very seriously. This allows him to obtain positive outcomes for more of his clients than would otherwise be possible.



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