Information on Filing for Chapter 13 in Salt Lake City

For those dealing with substantial debt, it can be difficult. Having creditors constantly calling you for payment can be stressful. This is especially true when you do not have the funds to pay your debts. If you are in a financial nightmare and have tried all options available, to rid yourself of debt, there are solutions to help. Through a Chapter 13 in Salt Lake City bankruptcy, you can begin to take care of your debts so you can have a better financial future.

What Happens When You File Chapter 13 in Salt Lake City?

When you are considering bankruptcy, it is important you avoid any large purchases. Some people mistakenly believe they can go on a spending spree before they file for bankruptcy and not be responsible for these debts. The courts are very leery when it comes to recent purchases and will investigate each instance, to make sure there were no underhanded practices taking place.

You will first need to contact an attorney so you can get the legal advice you need for filing. Most bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations, but will expect payment before they begin working on your case. Other attorneys will allow you to make payments towards the retainer fee. Regardless of the arrangement, you will be responsible for paying for your attorney’s services.

When meeting with your attorney, it is imperative you are prepared to provide information on all of the debts and accounts you owe. All of these must be listed on the bankruptcy or you will be responsible for paying the owed amount in full. The attorney will also discuss your monthly income and your assets. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are allowed to keep your property, but you must make a monthly payment through the court to pay off your debts. You will have a period of three or five years under your bankruptcy, depending upon the amount of debt you owe.

If you need help in filing your chapter 13 bankruptcy, contact Lewis Adams & Associates today. They will be glad to assist you through every aspect of your bankruptcy, giving you the solutions you need, to get rid of your debt.


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