Things To After A Crash And Before Contacting Your Temecula Car Accident Attorney

Any type of vehicle accident is always unsettling, and it is even more traumatic when there are injuries or death involved. There are specifics steps that any driver in a vehicle accident should take immediately after the crash and before talking to a car accident attorney in Temecula.

Check for Injuries

Always check for injuries in any type of vehicle accident. This includes yourself, your passengers, any involved pedestrians, or other people involved in the crash. If there is anyone indicating they need medical assistance, call 911, and report the need for an ambulance to the site of the accident.

In any serious accident where there is vehicular damage, injury, or death, call 911 and ask for the police. Even when injuries are not present, this will provide a police report of the accident and capture the information of all drivers involved. Having this report is a benefit for your car accident attorney.

Stay at the Accident Location

Do not leave the scene of the accident, regardless if you caused the accident or were simply involved. In most areas of Temecula, the police and ambulance response time is extremely fast, and it is better for injured people to be treated by first responders that transported in private vehicles.

Leaving the scene of an accident is considered hit and run almost all situations. To avoid this unnecessary additional legal issue, stay put. If you do need to leave for some reason, try contacting a car accident attorney before moving the vehicle.

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