Three Reasons You Need an Attorney to Handle Your Divorce in Bismark, ND

Many people are trying to cut down the cost of a divorce by attempting to represent themselves. That isn’t always the wisest solution. The following are three situations in which it is necessary to have representation from a divorce attorney in Bismarck, ND residents trust.

There Are Children Involved

You will need to hire a Divorce Attorney in Bismarck, ND if you have children, and you have not settled the custody situation. The attorney will have to represent you so that the judge can decide what arrangement is in the best interest of your children. He will review your income, living situation, environment and willingness to foster positive relationships with the other parent. Pagel Weikum Law Firm can help represent you in the matter.

You Have Property

You will also need a law firm like Pagel Weikum Law Firm if you own property with your spouse. This, too, must be settled in court if the two you have not decided who would take over the home and how the assets will be distributed between you.

One Spouse Cannot Be Found

Another situation where you may need a divorce lawyer is when one of the spouses is missing. You must go through certain legal procedures to ensure that the judge approves your divorce if your spouse is nowhere to be found. Hiring an attorney will make the case proceed faster so that you can go on with your life.

There are numerous reasons why it’s wiser to divorce with an attorney than to divorce without one. Don’t take any chances. Hire a reputable firm today and make sure someone takes care of you.

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