Tips for Finding a Reputable Child Custody Lawyer

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Lawyer

In child custody you not only need legal advice, but you must also share a very personal part of your life with someone you barely know-your new attorney. (It’s awkward but necessary.) Here is how to find one to help you in your family law matter.

Check Out Your Inner Circle
Unfortunately, family law issues are common. At least one person you know has likely hired a child custody attorney or knows someone who did. Ask around and you will likely find a name or three. Referrals from past clients are still the best way for attorneys to engage future clients. You are not reading some random review from someone you don’t know. A recommendation from someone you trust helps you find an attorney you know gets results.

Decide Your Type
Do you want a tough litigator or a mediator? If you expect a fight due to abuse or untrue allegations, you may need an attorney more into the litigation spectrum. However, if you and the other party are somewhat amenable but disagree on a few issues, an attorney with experience in mediation will be the most helpful. If you have no idea how things will turn out, find an attorney who masters both approaches. Firm marketing shows how they approach child custody matters. If a firm website focuses mainly on mediation, you can assume the attorneys prefer a more collaborative approach. Attorneys who emphasize court wins are into the litigation.

Read Reviews
If you run attorney names through Google, you will find feedback from past clients. There are web sites like Avvo where clients can review attorneys or peer-review systems likeO’Neal & Kilgo, Attorneys at Law, Decatur, AL which rate attorneys. Reviews will also give you an impression of the attorneys’ style so you can determine a match for the issues you face. You may find The One quickly or you may have to interview several attorneys. Never hire an attorney unless you are comfortable with them as a person. You already are facing trying circumstances; don’t add mistrust of your attorney among them.

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