Tips to Follow While Working With a Criminal Defense Attorney in Suffolk County NY

Being arrested for the first time can be very confusing and intimidating. The legal system is a large maze, and it can be hard to navigate if you don’t know what you’re doing. Any mistake and your stay in jail could be a lot longer. This is why it’s important to have a Criminal Defense Attorney Suffolk County NY on your side and to follow some basic rules through the arrest and court hearings process.

When you’re arrested, you will stay in jail long enough to be charged with the crime and have a court hearing. Make sure that you behave while you are in jail. No cursing, yelling, or acting out of any kind. Of course you are frustrated and worried, but don’t make things worse for yourself, and don’t add any charges on! Keep to yourself, stay quiet and wait your turn for your bond hearing.

If you are released on bond, start looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney Suffolk County NY immediately. A firm like the Law Office of Mitchell M Shapiro can be a good place to start. You’re going to want your lawyer to start working on your case as soon as possible, so don’t put off hiring a lawyer.

Once you have found a lawyer, be completely honest with him or her. Don’t hold anything back. They will need as much information about the case to be able to work with you. Any surprises in the courtroom where your attorney finds out you have lied to him or her could damage your case beyond repair.

Ensure that you follow the law 100% of the time while you are out on bond. Any small mistake can land you in jail until your court hearing. Also, make sure that you arrive on time, if not early, to each and every hearing. Not arriving could not only look bad for your case, it will mean that your bond is revoked and you will be back in jail.

If you can follow these simple tips in getting through the court process, your Criminal Defense Attorney Suffolk County NY will be able to help you more and you will not get in even more trouble through the process. Just because you’re scared and intimidated by the process doesn’t mean it needs to be worse.

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