Traits of Great Law Schools in Los Angeles

Students choose to enroll in law school because they are seeking a great education and a successful future. Although there are a few law schools in Los Angeles, there are only a few that have the character traits that are guarantee a fantastic education. Becoming an attorney takes a lot of time, patience, and money. It is important that students choose a school that is worthy of their effort.

What to Look For in a Law School

There are several obvious traits you want when searching for law schools in Los Angeles. These may include:

* A well-rounded education in law

* A high percentage of students passing the bar exam

* Access to professors

* Small class sizes

In addition to the common traits of a great law school, there are many things that often go overlooked by prospective students. It is important to speak to current students about how they are enjoying the program and if it is everything that they had originally expected. You may want to ask the following questions:

* Do the classes adequately prepare students for the bar exam?

* Are the Professors available for questions or extra-help?

* Are there any networking opportunities available?

Asking these types of questions will allow you to determine which of the law schools in Los Angeles will meet your needs.

Choose a School with a History

New law schools pop up all of the time. When determining which law program is right for your needs, it is in your best interest to choose a school that has a long-running track record of positive results.

* How long has the school been operational?

* When did the law program first receive accreditation?

* What obstacles did the school overcome in its past?

* What percentage of students graduate?

* What percentage of students pass the bar exam?

While newer schools may have flashy packages to attract students, they simply do not have the track record or experience that you want to see as a prospective students. History is the best indicator of the future. A school that consistently succeeds in educating students well enough to pass the bar exam is a school worth its weight in gold.

Make sure to perform your due diligence when visiting law schools in Los Angeles. It could make-or-break your career before it starts!

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