Having Your Case Dismissed With A Criminal Defense Lawyer North Richland Hills

A Criminal Defense Lawyer North Richland Hills will need to have experience with federal, state, and local courts. He will help to save your license, protect your rights and make sure you have access to a fair trial. They are prepared to defend the rights of all who are accused. He understands that these procedures will impact your personal life and affect your job. His responsibility will be to be sure that your rights are always protected and that proper procedure has been followed.

With the recent crack down on DUI’s, for example, you friends and family will surely notice if and when you are convicted. They have made the consequences for those convicted harsher than ever before. Even the first offense can bring steep fines and loss of your license. You will be left with a criminal record and have a difficult time even renting a home or living in certain communities. You will not be the only one who will suffer. Think of your family members and your children. It could mean the loss of employment as well.

Along with DUI, the law firm will have experience representing cases of drug possession, drug conspiracy and distribution, assault, battery and theft. He can also represent such cases as drug trafficking, homicide or sexual assault. With times like these, you must act quickly. You must find a lawyer who is not afraid to speak up in court for you. Some one with the skills and previous experience to have your case dismissed with the filing of an appropriate motion. He may need to do extra research to find other witnesses and new evidence for you.

A knowledgeable lawyer is quick to discover the evidence that can be suppressed or thrown out and recognize any evidence that would be considered admissible in court. This is a very serious time and should be treated as such. In some states it may possibly carry a minimum prison sentence. A criminal defense lawyer in North Richland Hills has built his reputation from his continued success. He will never let his reputation suffer and will never be afraid to take a case to trial.

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