Two Major Reasons Why Struggling Spouses Should Definitely Consider Hiring Legal Separation Attorneys in Pottstown, PA

No one gets married with the intent to later dissolve the marriage. For this reason, breaking up a marriage can often feel like an emotional rollercoaster that leaves both parties emotionally and physically drained. For most couples, the road to divorce is filled with many questions and uncertainties, but fortunately, legal separation offers spouses the chance to see what life as a divorced couple would be like before they actually take such a huge step. However, although many people understand the need to hire a divorce lawyer, not everyone knows that hiring an attorney to assist with legal separation is a must as well. Consider the following reasons why this is the case:

Creating the Separation Agreement

Just like a divorce decree, a legal separation agreement will address major issues like child custody and the division of assets and must be approved by the court. Legal separation attorneys in Pottstown, PA will not only work to protect their client’s interests during the creation of this agreement, but they’ll also be able to advise their client on major decisions that may affect their quality of life, preventing them from taking on a debt or giving up an asset that may hurt or help them. In addition to making sure that no stone gets left unturned during the separation agreement process, an attorney will take on the task of submitting the agreement to the court as well as assisting with the legalities of making modifications if the need ever arises.

Preparing for the Possibilities

If the couple decides to reconcile after a period of separation, their legal separation attorneys in Pottstown, PA will be able to assist them with making changes in their legal status and filing a file a declaration of resumption of marriage. However, if the couple decides to divorce, having an attorney who has already worked hard to create a fair separation agreement will be even more valuable, as they can help convert this agreement to a divorce decree and present options for officially dissolving the marriage.

Like divorce, legal separation can be a confusing and frustrating time. For those who are contemplating separation of divorce, get in touch with David T. Schnarrs, Attorney at Law. Visit the website to learn more about how an experienced attorney can help struggling spouses make sound long-term decisions for their lives.

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