Two Ways DUI Attorneys in Lititz, PA Commonly Support Their Clients

Driving under the influence, or DUI, is always dangerous and costs many people in the area their lives every year. As a result, the authorities are especially aggressive about arresting and prosecuting those who engage in this entirely avoidable type of behavior.

Unfortunately, this means some drivers who are not actually guilty of the crime can end up facing charges. By working with local DUI Attorneys Lititz PA, residents who find themselves in this surprisingly common situation can be sure of protecting their interests as well as possible.

Many Ways to Prove That DUI Charges Were Not Merited

Some drivers who find themselves facing charges of DUI fall into the trap of assuming there will be little they can do. Whether by accepting plea bargains or actually admitting guilt, these individuals generally do themselves no favors.

When working with DUI Attorneys Lititz PA, drivers can count on benefiting from any of a number of common and frequently effective defenses. Some of the ways by which lawyers like those from the Law Offices of Melissa R. Montgomery might attempt to establish the innocence of their clients relate to issues such as:

  • Probable cause.
  • To protect against abuses of power, it is required that every stop or search a police officer makes happens only after the establishment of probable cause to believe a violation of the law has occurred. Unfortunately, some officers regularly take shortcuts, oftentimes not even bothering to create the thinnest pretext of probable cause. That can be enough to have a case dismissed outright by the court even when the evidence presented might have seemed overwhelming.
  • Subjectivity.
  • DUI cases frequently revolve around inherently subjective assessments and testimony. Even well-trained, diligent police officers can make obvious mistakes when judging whether a driver might be inebriated. Being able to establish in court that a case hinges on such a faulty judgment or claim can also make it possible to secure a verdict of innocence or to have charges dropped voluntarily.

Legal Representation Always Makes a Difference in DUI Matters

Because being convicted of DUI can be so damaging and difficult to recover from, it will always be prudent to do everything possible to escape this fate. In most cases, getting in touch with an attorney in the area will be an especially important step.

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