Understanding the Need for a Brain Injury Lawyer in Hempstead, NY

A traumatic brain injury is one in which a sudden trauma impacts the brain. This may occur when something moves through the skull and reaches the brain tissue, or it may happen when the head violently hits another object suddenly. The resulting damage may be mild, or it might be severe, depending on how much of the brain is affected. A concussion is a mild form of brain trauma, in many cases, and the person might experience blurred vision, a headache or other symptoms. Someone with severe head trauma may suffer from convulsions, a loss of coordination, repeated vomiting or other symptoms. Any time a person experiences a brain injury as a result of the actions of another, he or she should consult a Brain Injury Lawyer Hempstead NY.

Medical attention is needed immediately following a brain injury. The goal of this treatment is to stabilize the individual and ensure adequate blood flow is maintained. Blood pressure needs to be controlled during this time, and the doctors work to ensure the brain and the rest of the body receive enough oxygen. Tests will need to be done to determine what steps must be taken and to develop a treatment plan.

Surgery may need to be done to remove or repair any brain tissue which has been bruised or any blood vessels that have ruptured. The person may be left with problems with their sensory processing, their thinking and memory, their communication skills and more. In some cases, a person may end up in a coma and remain this way for a short period of time or never come out of this state of unconsciousness. Doctors determine where the patient is at and what type of care is required.

If you find yourself in need of a Brain Injury Lawyer Hempstead NY, contact the Law Office of Steven R. Smith. Visit Online or call the office directly. Mr. Smith brings more than 25 years of experience to each case and aggressively fights to protect the rights and interests of his clients. He recognizes the impact a brain injury can have on a person’s life, as well as the lives of those who love the victim. He works to ensure fair compensation is awarded in these cases and to make sure the victim receives the care they need to recover.

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