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DUI is an impaired driving offense that means driving under the influence. Another related offense is driving while intoxicated (DWI). DUI/DWI charges depend on the state that you live in. However, the federal law determines some aspects of this crime. This offense can have a serious impact on the individual life because you are not only putting the safety of others at risk, but yours too. When it comes to DIU hearing, with the help of a Dui Attorney Fullerton convicted-individuals are able to prepare well for two separate legal actions. These simultaneous actions are criminal and administrative actions.


According to mobile DUI/DWI court, the individual has ten days to request for an administrative hearing from the department of public safety. Failure to do so leads to the automatic suspension of your driving privileges. It is imperative to understand the challenges that one may be faced with if you are the victim of this offense. Looking for the legal advice of a competent DUI lawyer or Criminal Attorney will help you in knowing your options and rights.

If you are the first-time offender, the penalties will involve temporary suspension of your driving license for about six months to three years. There are other heavy fines and your car insurance rates will go up, often quite significantly. With the interstate drivers license compacts among most states, chances are high that if your license was suspended in one state, you cannot move to another state to get a new license. Five states do not participate in the interstate driving compacts.

Penalties are harsher for any further DUI infringements. Complication of DUI laws in Fullerton make knowing you rights and options, and defenses you might use a bit challenging. By hiring a competent Dui Attorney Fullerton convicted-individuals are guaranteed of a smooth hearing process. Look for DUI / DWI lawyer for a quick, free consultation.

It is important to know how to prepare for this hearing. Here is how to prepare for your day in court. The first thing is to know your charges. Do your charges fall under the misdemeanor or felony category? Both charges can lead to imprisonment; however, felony is worse than misdemeanor. The other thing is to study the driving under the influence law as are implemented in Fullerton. Prepare yourself for a hearing day in court by understanding what to look ahead to.

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