What to Look for in a Trust Attorney

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Lawyer

A trust attorney is very closely related to an estate attorney. The main difference is an estate attorney helps with the planning and allocating of assets within a person’s possession. They help a person account for all of their assets and what happens to those assets after they are deceased. Now a trust attorney is similar in that they help a person with the allocation of some or all of their assets. The key difference here is that the assets are given, whether it it monetary or otherwise, to the recipient of the trust. This trust is then managed by the trust attorney. This is a subtle but key difference.

Now to choose a good trust attorney in Rhinelander WI, a person needs to first start with reputation. There are several key aspects that help a lawyer or law firm define their reputation. One of these important parts that define the reputation is trustworthiness. The reason it is so important is because the trust attorney will have access to all of a person’s assets that they wish to allocate to a trust. This includes all access to financial accounts as well as access to all other assets. Now there are a lot of laws that are already in place which help to ensure that a trust attorney cannot do something illegally with their access to these assets, but it is not a fool proof measure. If a lawyer is determined enough, it is possible for them to get away with stealing someone’s assets. That is why it is so important to only deal with well respected and trusted trust attorneys.

Balanced Thinking is Required

Fair mindedness is also a very important factor of a lawyer or law firm’s reputation. This basically means that the trust attorney Rhinelander WI will treat every recipient of the trust account in the same fair manner. The last thing that any trust benefactor ever wants is for a person to be treated unfairly or if there are multiple recipients, for one beneficiary to receive better treatment than another beneficiary. They should be treated as the trust was written and dictates.

Finally, the trust attorney needs to be able to show signs of fortitude. They need to understand that at the time of someone’s passing that emotions will run high, and there may be some confrontations. If a trust has been established and a certain set of parameters have been established for that trust, then it is very important that the lawyer not be swayed by a person or person’s emotions during the time of execution of the trust. The attorney must be able to stay true to what was desired by the trust benefactor.

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