Waukegan Disability Attorneys Can Get You Unemployment Benefits While Waiting on Disability

by | Dec 28, 2012 | Attorney

No one ever plans to be out of work, though no one plans to unexpectedly become disabled and unable to perform their normal work duties. Being out of work for perhaps the first time many people don’t know where to begin at the unemployment office, which is where Waukegan disability attorneys can begin to help you. See even though you find yourself unable to work, or out of work a Waukegan disability attorney can assist you in applying for permanent disability as well as temporary unemployment income. Everyone needs assistance at one time or another and a Waukegan disability attorney’s office can steer you in the right direction so that you can take care of your financial future.

See applying for social security disability income on permanent basis is a very involved and lengthy process. It’s important that you present the most complete application possible for the Social Security Administration to consider, and the Waukegan disability attorneys know just what the SSA is looking for. Without their help your application can be like the national average of 70% that apply for benefits but are denied. Even if you find that you have had gaps in your employment, list all the places you have worked every so that the administration can help determined the most possible average income that you would require to replace any working income you can no longer produce. Unfortunately many soon find themselves without an income, facing homelessness, no health coverage or insurance and no way to support their families.

But Wakugen disability attorneys can help, even if there has been a death in the family. They can discover and file for death benefits which can include casualty and or life insurance, any salaries due, any part of an existing severance package if asked to leave, vacation and sick day pay. These are all calculated in when figuring your social security monthly benefit amount. In addition, all minors that are in the parents charge are then also entitled to benefits. This monthly amount can be as high as 50% of what the individual receives per minor child. As so much is at stake it’s important to make use of Waukegan disability attorneys knowledge in this specialized field.

So what if you had applied and like seven out of every ten individuals were denied benefits, then what? Well it would then be imperative to hire a disability lawyer to help with the processing of your case. Legally there are only a few items that could be done at this late hour. Once denied one can ask for reconsideration if presenting new facts or evidence not previously submitted. In order to be approved though something would be eligible if not sent previously and denied as evidence.

There are yet a few other steps that can be taken. One can go on record and file an appeal after 60 days from the denial date. If the judge still denies the applicant benefits the applicant has the ability to appeal and appear before the commission and plead his case with his Waukegan disability lawyers.



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