What a Social Security Law Firm Will Tell You About SSD and SSI

Any Social Security law firm in Oak Ridge will tell you the best time to hire them is immediately. This is very true, but many people don’t really understand why. Here’s some information to help:


What does all of this mean? These are types of Social Security benefits. SSD, or Social Security Disability, and SSI, or Social Security Income are two different things. They fall under the umbrella term Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits, or DIB. These benefits are available for people who are both disabled and have paid into the Social Security system. The Social Security Administration, or SSA, determines a person’s eligibility for DIB. In general, you must have worked at least five out of the past 10 years to be eligible.

Eligibility for SSD

Hiring a Social Security law firm in Oak Ridge can help determine your eligibility, but the following factors are usually in play:

  • The number of years a person has worked
  • The type of disability or impairment a person has
  • The length of time the disability or impairment is expected to last
  • The ability of the person to engage in activity since their disability or impairment began

A Note About SSI

People are often confused about what SSI is. It is a bit different from the typical SSD insurance. SSI is for low-income children and adults who are also disabled. The following factors are usually in play:

  • Whether or not the person meets SSI income limits
  • Whether or not the person has a disability or impairment that will last a certain period of time, or result in death
  • The type of impairment the person has
  • The date the disability or impairment began
  • The person’s ability to engage in activity following the disability or impairment

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