What can one expect from a criminal lawyer?

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The United States is a nation of laws; these laws are enforced in the courts. A criminal lawyer in Bel Air, MD is an individual who seeks to protect and defend individuals or any other entity that has been charged with a crime. The crimes that a criminal lawyer can become involved in are as diverse as the clients; the crimes can range from DUI to drug related offenses, theft, domestic violence, rape, etc.

Criminal law is one of the many specialty areas that all go to make up the legal fabric of the nation. There are lawyers who specialize in various fields; corporate, real estate, personal injury; these are all unique areas which, although all fall under the umbrella of law, are very different. All lawyers have to have the same basic education, get their law degree, pass the bar exam and then begin to practice in their chosen field.

Criminal lawyer:

A criminal lawyer represents his or her client in court; the court can be state, federal or appellate. The criminal lawyer in Bel Air MD may come into the case as early as the hearing for bail. They represent the client through the entire process from the bail bond hearing to completion. Included along the way are plea bargaining sessions, trial, appeals and post-conviction remedies.


A criminal lawyer has unique skills and applies them when representing a client in front of a judge and jury. Criminal layers require excellent skills in communicating, both oral and written. They must have keen investigative skills which are used to build the defense for the client. Criminal law demands that the lawyer exhibit very keen analytical skills that are used in building the defense arguments.

The criminal lawyer must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the law, not only the laws that apply in the state in which the practice is located, but in the overwhelming number of federal laws and statutes. The criminal lawyer must take this knowledge and weave it into accepted courtroom behavior and procedures. As the lawyer and the client will be spending considerable time together, it is important that the lawyer has great interpersonal skills. The client-lawyer relationship must be strong and the level of trust the client must have in the lawyer must be absolute.

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