What Can You Expect During The Divorce Process

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Law And Legal Services

One of the first things a divorce lawyer will explain is the steps of the divorce process. The legal steps are governed by state requirements, and are different for each state. Because of the differences in your family’s assets and in the attitudes of the marriage partners, your divorce will be different from any other as well.

One of the first things you may learn from your divorce lawyer in Mequon WI is the requirements for a legal separation. Often this important step can sometimes save the marriage. It gives the marriage partners a cooling down period, and a chance to make decisions apart from their spouse. Many times, the dynamic of living in separation often provides the impetus for spouses to realize the importance of their marriage and their commitment to their husbands or wives. However, not every state allows a legal separation. In this case, workable alternatives can be discussed with your lawyer. One option is to file for divorce, but stop the process at that point. This gives the spouse the opportunity to file for a temporary separation. In this way, they will be able to meet their responsibilities as spouses and parents during the modified living arrangement.

The divorce process starts when your divorce lawyer in Mequon WI files the divorce papers with the court clerk. These papers must be filed with the cause of the divorce. If actual causes like infidelity or criminal behavior are not present, then more ambiguous terms such as “irreconcilable differences” or “incompatibility” are often used. After one marriage partner has initiated the process, the other generally has 30 days to hire his own divorce lawyer in Mequon WI. Once these initial papers are filed, then additional legal documents may also be filed, if necessary. These include restraining orders, protective orders, or interim order for alimony or child support.

Although the divorce process is often lengthy, taking several months or more, the court can outline specific requirements to be fulfilled during the process. These detail the living arrangements, the disposition of the children, and the temporary allocation of assets such as the home, and revenue, such as child support and alimony.

The longer a couple has been married, whether they have children, and whether their assets are significant will all contribute to the length of the process. Most participants find it will be a test of their patience. Their lawyer can help them through this time as he schedules and meets the proper milestones.

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