What Crimes Are Represented By A Phoenix White Collar Crime Attorney

9522883_lA phoenix white collar crime attorney is an attorney that represents cases that are considered Mala Prohibita or nonviolent. These crimes consist of infractions performed for monetary gains. The classification for each criminal charge is determined by the amount of money stolen. Below is a list of a portion of these crimes and an evaluation of what is involved.

Insider trading is trading within your own company or your employer when you have possession of inside information. This information is not known to the public and provides an unlawful advantage. The data is gained through employment with the specific company or through other insiders with such knowledge.

Embezzlement is the act of stealing assets, whether money or property for financial gains. The owner or business entrusts someone to retain the assets through employment or other purpose. It is more widely associated with monetary theft through bank accounts or other locations where the individual has access.

Fraud is misleading someone for your own personal or monetary gain. The term is directly associated with hoaxes or claims related to products and services. In these cases, a phoenix white collar crime attorney would require that plaintiff to prove deception.

Bribery is the distribution of money or items of high value for illegal favors. A bribe is associated with providing compensation to any individual to influence decision making. Culprits perform this act to secure such things as votes or a change of testimony by witnesses in court proceedings.

Cyber crimes encompass a wide variety of crimes committed via computer and network. In terms of white collar crimes, this classification only covers crimes related to monetary gains. The role of a phoenix criminal lawyer would require him or her to prove their client was the computer user at the time the crime was committed.

Identity theft is the theft of an individual’s identity. The culprit utilizes financial accounts and anything directly linked to the individual to represent themselves as that individual. These thieves target typically monetary accounts such as banks or credit cards. The role of a phoenix white collar crime attorney here is to argue whether additional network links were utilized to access the account.

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