What Does A Family Law Mediator Do?

by | Oct 13, 2023 | Lawyers and Law Firms

The primary objective of a mediator in family law in Woodland Hills, CA, is to understand the issues a family is facing, mediate them, and arrive at a decision that benefits all parties concerned, especially when there are children involved. Most family law mediators are practicing attorneys, but there are other professionals certified to resolve family disputes. In most cases, the mediator’s concerns revolve around divorce, child custody, and support.

One of their primary responsibilities is to work with couples experiencing difficulties in their relationship but who do not want to divorce. In cases like this, the mediator acts as a family counselor. The family law mediator in Woodland Hills, CA area will sit with the parties and delve into the root causes of the marital issues. These problems can be diverse, such as the loss of a child, relationship issues, or outside influences that have altered behavior. In such cases, the mediator listens to both parties, may speak with the children if there are any, and may suggest that the couple seek therapy before continuing mediation.

In many cases, couples have already decided that divorce is the solution. In such cases, the couple may need counseling on important matters such as child custody, property division, and more. The mediator may provide general guidance since, by this stage, the couple has typically engaged their own attorneys who will communicate their demands to the mediator. The mediator will review the couple’s joint assets, current debt, income, and child-related expenses. They may meet with the couple and then present their findings to the involved lawyers, who, in turn, submit the final solution to a family court judge for approval.

A family law mediator is responsible for filing agreements with the court and other relevant authorities, sending necessary case documents to the judge, and keeping the parties informed of any significant case updates. Most mediators undergo continuous training through seminars to stay updated on current family law matters. For more information, contact Karagozian & Rudolph, PC.

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