What Does a Family Law Practice Encompass?

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Lawyer

Family law is that specialty within the legal profession which deals with legal issues that arise in the family or in relationships of a personal nature such as marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, shared parenting and many other issues where people and children are involved.

Jacksonville family law attorneys handle a wide range of topics. These topics can range from divorce, pre-nuptial agreements and post-marital agreements, paternity, support and enforcement of orders. Included in the scope of the services that a family law attorney provides are solutions for issues concerning child custody, child support and alimony. A family law lawyer will also be consulted when there are issues such as adoption, delinquency and visitation rights.

Most Jacksonville family law attorneys have a large caseload of clients facing paternity issues and divorce. A family law attorney will guide the client through the process by complying with statutes and deadlines and by identifying realist outcomes through either settlement or trial. At mediation, a family law attorney will propose an equitable division of property on behalf of his or her client and propose an appropriate time sharing (also known as custody and visitation) schedule.  If an agreement can not be reached, a family law lawyer will then present and argue the client’s position in front a judge.

Typically both parties in a divorce have separate attorneys, both fighting to maximize the award on behalf of their client. If an amicable settlement can be reached that is fair to both parties, both parties will benefit. If the parties can not agree, their case will end up docketed and taken before a judge.  The judge will issue a final order when he or she decides what the circumstances of the case entail in the way of a settlement.

Family law lawyers are also there in times of joy

While it may appear that family law attorneys are only called upon when times are tough, that is not always the case. There are issues within the area of family law which are joyous, and Jacksonville family law attorneys can help in these instances as well. An example is when a couple wishes to adopt or when a step-parent wishes to adopt a stepchild. There are several steps that must be taken during the adoption process, and the laws for adoption vary from place to place.  In some places, the birth parents will be expected to give up all future rights to the child while in other jurisdictions the birth parents retain certain rights.

Family law attorneys, in some cases, are also brought in prior to a marriage. Many couples today are drafting pre-nuptial agreements that state how their assets will be divided in the event that a divorce should occur in the future. There are other clients who wish to create a post-nuptial agreement that focuses on the disposition of common assets, child custody and visitation rights.

If your circumstances are such that you think you need to consult with Jacksonville family law attorneys, the law firm of Cameron Baker & Associates, P.A. is available to assist you.

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