What does civil rights deal with?

A civil rights attorney in Atlanta deals with those laws that have been enacted to protect human rights. These attorneys work with people and corporations who feel their rights have been violated in one way or another. A civil rights attorney is comfortable with working with the plaintiff, the entity that feels their rights have been violated and the defendant who needs proper defense against the charges. It makes no difference which side the attorney is representing; the attorney examines all the pertinent evidence, prepares the case and argues the case in court. The objective of the attorney is to work toward the benefit of the client.

Human rights are guaranteed under the law of the land, this area if law is known simply as civil rights law. A civil rights attorney in Atlanta will be called upon when the guaranteed rights have been violated or simply ignored or denied by someone or something. In many cases the rights that have been violated involve issues of gender, race, age, sexual orientation and even disability.

As in all legal cases there are two parties; the plaintiff and the defendant. The plaintiff is the individual who feels that their rights have been violated. When the lawyer accepts the case, once the information and supporting evidence is available, the lawyer begins to build a case for whatever side he or she has been hired to represent. There will deep in depth analysis of any evidence and the gathering of supporting testimony from anyone involved and expert witnesses. The attorney’s task is to either strengthen the case or weaken it depending on which side the attorney has been hired to represent.

In many civil rights cases there is an immense amount of work to be done prior to appearing in court. As a result of this, many civil rights attorneys will be part of a law firm that has paralegals and other assistants who can help in preparing the volumes of data. A civil rights case is typically civil in nature but there are times when the case can potentially be seen as a criminal case. It can become criminal when a hate crime is committed, a hate crime being a crime where violence against the individual was evident and it was mitigated by ethnicity, gender or something similar which is protected by law.


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