What People Need to Know About Landlords and Tenants’ Rights in Chicago

Tenants have to know how to deal with landlords and tenants’ rights in Chicago. When it comes to dealing with landlords, some people are just not prepared. People who are looking for places to live should remember to bring all of their paperwork to their first meetings with landlords. References, employer information, and an application that has already been filled out can help give a person an edge over the competition. It also doesn’t hurt to be able to pay the landlord money at the meeting, so people should bring a checkbook or cash with them.

People who don’t review their rental agreements can find themselves facing problems with tenants’ rights in Chicago that might require the help of Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells or some other lawyers. In some cases, rental agreements contain language that some people don’t find acceptable. Signing a rental agreement that basically gives a landlord power to kick a tenant out over a minor infraction isn’t a good idea. The good news is that some landlords are too cheap to hire lawyers to help them with their rental agreements, so agreements sometimes don’t have a legal standing in court. Landlords might use the same agreements for well over 15 years, which means the agreements might not be updated to conform to any changes in the law.

Another thing that people should do is to make sure that they get things in writing when they deal with their landlords. When oral agreements are made, written agreements should be made as soon as possible. Having a landlord’s email address is an excellent way to verify that things were written down. When emails are sent, they can easily be archived and used as evidence if things go wrong. If a person contacts a landlord over the phone for a repair request, an email can also be sent just for the purpose of having a written record.

It’s also good for people to know the exact requirements to get their security deposits back. Requirements can vary from landlord to landlord, so people should make sure they get specific details. Tenants should take note of any damage that is present before they move to a place, so photographic evidence can help back a tenants’ claims.

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