What to Look for in a Workers Compensation Attorney

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Law

If you have ever suffered from some type of serious work-related illness or injury, it is a good idea to find a Mt. Prospect Workers Compensation Lawyer to provide assistance with your situation. Since workers compensation involves highly specialized and complex laws, most clients will benefit greatly when they hire a lawyer that has prior knowledge of cases similar to theirs.

However, finding a lawyer can be a bit challenging since there are so many options available. Some tips to help you find the right workers compensation lawyer for your needs are highlighted here.

Ask for Referrals and Recommendations

There are many quality worker’s compensation lawyers that do not purchase very much advertising and rather rely on word-of-mouth referrals from their satisfied clients. Additionally, you may be able to find recommendations from local and state bar associations, as well as other legal offices. In most cases, you will be able to find a quality referral by word of mouth rather than looking in the phone book or online.

Use the Internet in a Smart Way

It is more and more common for injured workers to locate the lawyer they use online. There are a number of reputable resources you can use; however, you have to be careful about your selection process. Be sure you read previous recommendations and referrals to determine if you have found the right lawyer for your situation. While you should not base the entire lawyer selection process on what is offered online, you can use this information to learn about their abilities and knowledge.

Take Full Advantage of the Initial Consultation

Almost all workers compensation lawyers you find will offer you some type of free consultation. While they will be asking you questions regarding your claim, you should also take this opportunity to ask some questions of your own. Some questions to consider asking include:

* The number of years the lawyer have been handling the workers compensation cases?

* How much of their practice is devoted solely to workers compensation cases?

* Will they be able to represent you through the entire process, which includes the administrative hearings and the appeals process?

* Will they provide you with any type of references from former colleagues or clients?

When you need any type of legal representation for your workers compensation claim, be sure you take time to carefully select the lawyer you use. This will help to provide you with the best possible outcome for your situation.

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