Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Nassau County NY

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Legal aid coverage that appears in many of the car insurance policies, covers the costs of a lawyer in case we need it. The limit for this coverage is agreed at the time of the policy contract. Moreover, insurance companies try to be the lawyer for the company itself, which take the case on because they are interested in having everything controlled from the beginning of the process. This is when doubt arises. Moreover, this is when you should contact your local Car Accident Attorney in Nassau County NY.

You will need an attorney when you are responsible for the accident or whenever you have to claim compensation for a car accident that you were not at fault of. Hiring a private and independent counsel could mean the difference in losing your case and winning hundreds of thousands of dollars, and possibly more. Hiring a direct and independent lawyer is great because they fight for your interests and yours alone. They work for you, because in the end you are the one who pays them.

Many lawyers will work based on a “no win-no fee” scenario. This means that if they do not win, they do not get paid. The lawyer for the insurance company, for its part, does not work for you, but for the insurer. You are a customer of the company and its mission is not necessarily to give you the maximum compensation. However, the end result may be beneficial or detrimental to the company they work for. Sometimes, due to agreements between the various insurance companies, you may find that the insured’s interests, the interests of you and the other injured in a traffic accident, are different from your insurer. This may have serious consequent damages in regards to you.

Moreover, the argument that a private Car Accident Attorney in Nassau County NY can be expensive can be quickly refuted. First, most insurance include coverage for legal aid, so much of the costs will be covered. And sometimes it may be completely covered. Second, many specialized lawyers offer their services at the end of the process and will only require a percentage of the compensation previously agreed.

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