What You Need to Know About Custody and Child Support in Washington Indiana

Husbands and wives fight over many different matters in divorce proceedings but custody of the children and child support in Washington, Indiana are two of the more emotionally charged. For decades, courts would primarily only grant custody to men in scenarios in which the mother admitted she was not capable or not willing to care for them. Nowadays divorce courts are actually taking a look at the part a father plays in their own children’s day-to-day lives and that many dads are full-time caretakers of their children. Dads never again are required to settle for just spending alternate weekends and holidays together with their kids. They can now request full custody of the children.

The most significant concern is unquestionably the best interest of the children. Family courts assume that it is usually in the children’s best interest for parents to choose which home their children will live in subsequent to the divorce. This is the reason judges generally send parents to mediation before they get involved in the child custody determination. When every effort to help the mother and father prepare some sort of child custody plan doesn’t work out, the judge will have to make a determination on the issue.

A few of the factors family courts investigate include which parent possesses a closer connection with the kids, the physical and mental well-being of each parent, which of the parents is going to be better qualified to give permanence for the children after the finalization of divorce and also, in the case of adolescent children, the children’s needs and wants. A skilled custody investigator may be designated by the court to interview the mother, father and children and offer a report for the judge.

The noncustodial father or mother is generally ordered by the court to make payments towards financial support for the children. The financial support will likely be enough to ensure the children are not affected financially due to the breakup. Some, but not all courts might deviate from the customary method if the kids have special needs. As opposed to spousal support, child support in Washington Indiana will not be tax deductible.

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