When to Call a New Jersey Discrimination Lawyer

You may have wondered if your current situation may require a New Jersey discrimination lawyer but you feel unsure because the situation does not meet the image you always had of discrimination. In fact, the definition of discrimination is a very broad one and it can include so many different things today that you should always make sure by speaking with a skilled lawyer that works in discrimination charges.

The types of discrimination that might be potential cases for an attorney include racial discrimination, sex discrimination, religious discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, age discrimination, and many more. The bottom line is that if you are being treated, or have previously been treated, in a specific way because of your race, gender, ethnic origins, religious, disability, or your age while in your workplace you are a victim of discrimination. The law says that discrimination can happen at any stage, not just when you are actually employed. For example, you can be discriminated against during the hiring process because of your race. Another example of workplace discrimination: Being passed over for promotions or even demoted because of your gender. Of course, there is also the example of firing due to discrimination. If you are terminated at your job because of any of the discrimination categories mentioned above this certainly counts as a discriminatory act and is classified as wrongful termination.

Fighting back against discriminatory practices in the workplace is admirable, but unfortunately it can also end up causing you a lot of trouble. There are many people who have actually lost their jobs because they tried to fight back against discrimination, and the employer simply did not think that they would be held responsible for this illegal action once you were out the doors. Discrimination in all its forms is illegal and it is important to fight back against it, but you need the legal protection that your lawyer can provide to make sure that your employer does not try to retaliate. If you feel you may have been discriminated against it is important to call a New Jersey discrimination lawyer as soon as possible.

Whenever possible, document everything that you feel can possibly be related to the discrimination in your workplace. Share this information with your lawyer because it will give him an excellent background on your case and give him extra ammunition to fight your discrimination case with.

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