Why would I need a Workers Comp Attorney in York County PA?

You work in a fast paced production factory lifting tubs of parts that weigh 30-50 pounds on a consistent basis. As you reached down to grab a tub of parts that weigh about 33 pounds you felt a sharp pain in your shoulder and lost all strength in your arm. The tub falls to the floor. You no longer have the use of your arm due to the pain in your shoulder. You immediately contact your supervisor and fill out an injury report. An injury such as this would fall under an employer’s workers compensation insurance and reporting the incident should not be delayed as the length of time to file in order to collect workers compensation insurance varies. If you wait too long you could forfeit your right to file a claim.

There will probably be at least one time in a person’s life that they will need the assistance of an attorney or have to face an attorney. Attorneys can represent people or corporations in many different areas of law. A workers compensation attorney is an attorney who specializes in injuries in the workplace. When a person receives workers compensation from an employer they can no longer sue the company for the injury however, if a machine was at fault the individual could sue the machine manufacturer. Through workers compensation insurance a person may be able to receive medical care, disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation and death benefits. Finding an experienced workers compensation attorney is important as this is your representation to help assist in receiving the benefits that you are entitled to receive.

There are numerous ways to find out more about workers compensation attorneys. Picking up your local telephone directory and searching under attorney or lawyer should show you the local attorneys in your area. Another good way to find a workers compensation attorney is by using the Internet and doing a search using a popular search engine such as Google or Bing using the words Workers Comp Attorney York County PA or attorney. Angie’s List is a popular review site where you can find local reviews of workers compensation attorneys in your area.



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