Why You Should Select an Attorney as Your Estate Representative

When a person passes away whether they have a will or not, their estate must go through probate court before being distributed to the beneficiaries. If this process is not followed, the family members can face legal consequences for not having the estate probated. While a person is not required to establish a will to state where their property should go, it is wise to have one created. Without a will, the estate will be distributed according to state laws for Descent and Distribution. This could mean a family member could obtain possessions their loved one wanted to leave another person in the family due to a legal technicality. With a probate lawyer in Moline area, IL they can help document the individual’s final wishes and execute the property upon their death.

Benefit of Naming a Lawyer the Executor of Your Estate

  • A probate lawyer in Moline, IL knows and understands the process of probating a will to ensure it is completed quickly to reduce the amount of time the estate is tied up in court.
  • They are an impartial party and cannot be accused of being bias while executing the estate.
  • An attorney can keep possession of the original will to ensure its safety until it is placed in probate.
  • If there is a dispute between family members over the estate, an attorney can help settle the disagreement.
  • They will gather the estate and pay any outstanding bills before distributing the property to the beneficiaries according to their clients’ wishes.

Be Reassured by Hiring a Well-Known and Trusted Attorney

When you own an estate that you want to be allocated in a specific way, it is important to hire an attorney to ensure your final wishes are followed. For over 24 years, David J. Franks Attorney at Law has been providing their clients with the services they require to establish a will and execute their property to the right beneficiaries.

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