Workers’ Compensation Help! Don’t Be Bullied!

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Injuries on the job occur every minute. Some are minor and can be repaired. Some are minor, but will leave you permanent scarring. Some injuries are life-threatening and can you leave you physically or emotionally scarred for life. Were you hurt and then forced back to work with threats of losing your job? No matter how big or how small your injury is, you deserve to be compensated Through workers compensation.

Don’t be afraid to report an injury to your employer, there are laws that are in place to protect you as the worker! Did you trip and fall and bruise your knee, twist your back, hurt your wrist as you landed? Did a machine cut your hand? Is there air or water qualities that are making you sick at your workplace? Did your employer send you to the hospital for care, only trying to force you back to work when you feel you are not physically ready to go back? Work related illness or injuries are covered by workers compensation under the law, but many companies will fight to pay these benefits to employees in order to keep their insurance rates low. Fairness to the employee is what Forstman Cutchen will assist you with. They tell you what your rights are under Workers Compensation in Birmingham AL. They will assist you in getting what deserve and have rightfully worked for and what you are covered for under the law.

Forstman Cutchen is the only attorney you want to represent you for workers compensation in Birmingham AL and the only one you should call! Trusting your employer to do what’s right is not being well informed as an employee. Your company has lawyers working for them, and you need a lawyer to represent you, your interests and the interests of anyone you financially support. Not having a knowledgeable attorney helping you through the paperwork, the many letters of instructions you will get from your company or a case worker will only hurt you and your family. Be informed, be educated. Don’t be bullied by case workers or employers when you’re injured!

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