Wrongful Termination Attorneys Springfield MA Employees Rely on

No one wants to lose their job for any reason. Being laid-off is hard enough, but when you are terminated, it can be financially devastating. Not to mention the giant black mark it leaves on your resume. There are those occasions when you have no choice but to admit you have made a mistake, but it is not uncommon to lose a job even when you have done everything right.

When this happens it is often called wrongful termination. It is not always easy to prove you have been let go illegally, but when you do have the proof, you need to take action. Wrongful Termination Attorneys Springfield MA workers use are skilled at helping their clients to correct these situations. It is often the only way to recoup the income you will have lost and repair your reputation.

In Massachusetts an employer cannot fire someone because of discriminatory reasons. This covers religion, race and gender. Age discrimination and firing due to a disability is also not allowed. An employee cannot be fired because of their marital status, sexual orientation or service in the military.

Someone who is fired due to an illness, or feels they were let go just because of their political opinions or even their personality may also have a case. Likewise, an employee cannot be terminated because they voice a complaint about unfair treatment or for filing a worker’s compensation claim.

It is important to realize that employment laws do change frequently, but those listed here are typically standard laws. If you do feel you were terminated unfairly, you cannot file a lawsuit until you file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination. You can, however, contact an attorney to get advice about filing these complaints and what step to take next.

The law firm of Connor Morneau & Olin are Wrongful Termination Attorneys Springfield MA employees have been relying on for years to help them get the justice they deserve. They can help you to make certain the complaint you file is complete and handled appropriately. Contact them today to find out how to get started. Visit website for complete details about the professional wrongful termination attorneys in Springfield, MA.



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