Wrongfully Accused? Consult DUI Attorney in Harrisburg PA.

If you’ve recently been accused of driving while under the influence, you could be facing serious penalties. The punishments that are administered are usually determined by blood alcohol levels. Even a first time offense requires that the offender pay some fairly hefty fines and possibly serve jail time. If you feel you’ve been wrongfully accused, an experienced DUI attorney in Harrisburg PA can fight for you on your behalf. With the help of a knowledgeable lawyer, you can avoid the punishments and a blemished criminal record.

You Can’t Afford the Penalties

In Pennsylvania, if you’re 21 or older and caught driving with a blood alcohol of .08 or above, you’ll receive a DUI. How much alcohol you’ve consumed before driving will greatly affect the type of sentence you’ll be forced to serve. For example, even for a first offense, you could receive up to three days in jail if your BAC is higher than .16. A DUI offender will also be required to pay steep fines, which only increase with each offense. If you’re a resident of Pennsylvania, a DUI conviction will stay on your record for life. If you feel there’s been a mistake in your case, it’s important to act quickly.

Get the Right Representation

An experienced defense attorney can be a strong asset if you’re being accused of a DUI. They can look at the ins and outs of your case, and determine whether or not everything is legally sound. They’ll look into the reasoning behind the officer pulling you over, and what kind of tests were performed. If the tests were, for whatever reason, performed incorrectly, charges against you may be dropped. Your physical condition and any medications you take will be factored into your case, as they may have hindered your ability to complete a sobriety test. A DUI attorney in Harrisburg PA will keep your best interest at heart, and assess every detail of your case.

Curcillo Law, LLC has skilled defense attorneys you can trust. With over twenty years of experience in handling DUI cases, you can feel confident they will work hard for the good of your case.




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