Sharing the Road with Semis – Truck Accident Attorneys in Hawaii

If you regularly drive on the highway, you are used to passing large trucks and tractor-trailers. It is thought that more than 3 million commercially owned trucks use the highway each year. These trucks handle more than 9 billion tons of products annually.

Driving near large trucks can be very intimidating. Many people feel their heart skip a beat or two as they look up at the massive trailer. It is well-known that colliding with a semi-truck can have devastating, possibly fatal consequences. This is because the weight and mechanical engineering of a passenger car cannot compete with the velocity of any portion of a large truck.

Every year, more than 4,000 people are killed in auto accidents involving a tractor trailer. However, there are things you can do while driving to ensure that your family is safe. Yoshida & Associates has over 30 years of experience as a truck accident attorneys in Hawaii. Here are some words of advice they have gained through their years of experience.

By knowing a semi-truck’s blind spots, you can accurately assess whether or not you can be seen. The average semi-truck has four main blind spots. These blind spots are right behind the truck, at least one car length in front of the truck’s grille, one on both sides of the truck extending approximately one car length. This blind spot is parallel to the gap between the truck’s cab and the trailer.

When you are changing lanes, make sure to give a large truck plenty of room before you do so in front of them. When you are passing in front of a semi, make sure that full front of the truck, at least from the bumper to the top of the cab, in your rear-view mirror at all times. This ensures that they can see you, and will not speed up into the back of your car.

It is never a good idea to tailgate a vehicle. Make sure to leave a 5 second following distance, or at least 20 car-lengths between you and a semi. Pass trucks with extreme care, or avoid it completely. Never pull to the right of a semi-truck if there is a possibility that it may be turning right. The blind spot from the driver’s seat of a semi-truck is larger on the right.

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